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Taiwan youth complain that Taiwan business environment is poor Hong Xiuzhu: worth talking about comprehensive observer Zhu Minjie integrated media reported on November 1st, Chinese KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu 1 in Beijing to continue the trip, she visited Beijing Zhongguancun QingChuang base in the morning, the afternoon will be meeting with the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping in Beijing’s Great Hall of the people. Hong Xiuzhu in a base and a number of landing youth to talk about entrepreneurship in Taiwan. She hopes these young entrepreneurial success can return to Taiwan to share the experience, lack of business counseling concerns. Interview, Taiwan youth entrepreneurship emotion Taiwan poor business environment, Hong Xiuzhu said "don’t talk about it". In November 1st, Hong Xiuzhu visited the Beijing Zhongguancun QingChuang base. Source: Taiwan "Central News Agency", "electronic newspaper" according to Taiwan "Central News Agency reported on 1, Hong Xiuzhu said during a visit to Taiwan, young people so large a strange place, like sailing without a compass in the sea, do not know where to go, Taiwan for the young people to the mainland this vast market. Did not seem to do too much counseling work, so we are very worried about. She visited a number of Taiwan entrepreneurial team stationed in the incubation center entrepreneurial commune, with 10 entrepreneurs dialogue, of which the 9 is to the mainland of Taiwan youth development. Colloquist have engaged in trade in Tianjin, some research "peach fortune" App program, Hong Xiuzhu of this software curious, joked to the developer said "we talk privately, caused a burst of laughter. Hong Xiuzhu said, I hope Taiwan can have such a pioneering garden, she traveled to south central election, also heard a prospective business young friend, the trouble is the lack of information and financing needs; there will be a complete information together, very good, can let the interested entrepreneurs avoid rebuffed everywhere. She said that the mainland market is the young people in the future good stage for young people to meet brokers and intermediaries very good introduction here, don’t touch the direction, and to get enough information, understand their interest, know what kind of things you can do, can develop, on the basis of this, the outstanding young people from Taiwan, will be in this land to find a piece of day. According to Phoenix TV reported on 1, Hong Xiuzhu heard about young people in Taiwan Free Trade Zone in Tianjin venture, a feeling, constantly shaking his head, saying "don’t talk about it", "we would also have the fta". Hong Xiuzhu: are you studying politics too?" Taiwan youth: "on." Hong Xiuzhu: "optical politics, in the future there will be no food to eat." Taiwan youth: "when I was in Taiwan, I didn’t even know what the incubator was. I’m going to talk to my friend. I’m working on an incubator. What do you think you’re doing in politics?." Hong Xiuzhu: incubator is the enterprise when the egg." Taiwan youth: This is a good business, but we are very sorry." Hong Xiuzhu: "yes, I think…… , don’t talk about it. Tianjin Free Trade Zone, we would have a free trade zone." Hong Xiuzhu said that for the mainland market, Taiwan No 8相关的主题文章: