The amendment to the regulations on the revision of the Guangdong family planning ordinance was appr

Guangdong family planning ordinance amendment by the people’s Congress passed the women on maternity leave to 178 days Nanfang Daily News (reporter Xin Junqing) the afternoon of September 29th, the twelve session of the twenty-eighth meeting of the Standing Committee voted through the revised "Guangdong province population and family planning regulations" of the decision from the date of promulgation. Under the new regulations, the policy of re education of special circumstances such as remarriage and disabled children should be detailed and clear. From January 1, 2016 to the date of promulgation of the new regulations, the re birth of remarried couples and disabled families should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the new regulations. Married couples not more than 2 new regulations unilaterally still clear fetal renewable regeneration special fertility policy, aiming at complex marriage situation, set out terms. Seven cases are included: 1. Couples with two children have been identified by medical appraisal organizations of disabled children at prefecture level or above. One or two children are disabled, and they can not grow into normal labor force, and if they think they can reproduce again, they can give birth to one child again; 2. A remarried couple who does not have one child before the remarriage, the other has one child, who has one child after remarriage, may have another child, 3. The remarried couple who have not given birth before the remarriage and the other party who have two or more children may have one child again; 4. A remarried couple who gives birth to one child before the second marriage and the other has one or two children can give birth to a second child; 5. The children who have remarried and approved the re birth have been identified as disabled children by the medical appraisal organization of disabled children at prefecture level or above, and they can not grow into normal labor force, and they think that they can reproduce again, and they can give birth to one child again; 6. Two children can be born again because of the death of their children without children; 7. Because the child dies only one child, one child can be born again. The birth bonus award is extended from 30 days to 80 days. Another good news for Guangdong women is that the new regulations will meet the requirements of laws and regulations and encourage the childbearing children to be extended from 30 days to 80 days. Duan Yufei, director of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, said that this amendment is to improve the level of care for new born babies, and further encourage the masses to actively implement the basic national policy of family planning, combining with the actual situation of our province and referring to the provisions of other provinces. The revised regulations at the end of last year adjusted the previous only child mother’s maternity leave as a reward for 30 days, and adjusted the women’s maternity leave as follows: 98 days basic maternity leave, +30 days of family planning reward (two children less), false =128 days. Less than a year after this policy, Guangdong women ushered in good, maternity leave will be increased to 178 days. The cancellation of the insemination (egg) tube recanalization surgery for the convenience of the masses to implement the administrative examination and approval of insemination (egg) tube recanalization surgery, the new regulations to delete the original regulations "couple has taken sterilization procedures and comply with laws and regulations and the provisions of family, then apply for the examination and approval procedures can be implemented after insemination (egg) provisions recanalization surgery". All the people who have taken sterilization measures, regardless of whether they meet the conditions of re birth, can go to medical institutions for re operation. At the same time, the new regulation has adjusted the re birth examination and approval authority, and will approve the re birth.

粤计生条例修改案获人大通过 女性产假增至178天   南方日报讯(记者辛均庆)9月29日下午,省 十二届人大常委会第28次会议表决通过了修改《广东省人口与计划生育条例》的决定,自公布之日起施行。新条例对再婚和子女病残等特殊情况的再生育政策进行 细化和明确, 2016年1月1日起至新条例公布之日,再婚夫妻和子女病残家庭再生育的,按照新条例的规定执行。   再婚夫妻单方不超过2胎仍可再生   新条例明确了特殊情况的再生育政策,针对婚育状况的复杂性,设置兜底条款。具体包括七种情形:   1。已生育两个子女的夫妻,经地级以上市病残儿医学鉴定组织鉴定,其中一个或两个子女均为残疾儿,不能成长为正常劳动力,且医学上认为可以再生育的,可再生育一胎子女;   2。再婚夫妻,再婚前一方未生育,另一方生育一个子女,再婚后生育一个子女的,可再生育一胎子女;   3。再婚夫妻,再婚前一方未生育,另一方生育两个或者以上子女的,可再生育一胎子女;   4。再婚夫妻,再婚前一方生育一个,另一方生育一个或者两个子女的,可再生育一胎子女;   5。再婚夫妻经批准再生育的子女,经地级以上市病残儿医学鉴定组织鉴定为残疾儿,不能成长为正常劳动力,且医学上认为可以再生育的,可再生育一胎子女;   6。因子女死亡无子女的,可再生育两个子女;   7。因子女死亡只有一个子女的,可再生育一胎子女。   生育奖励假从30天延长至80天   对广东女性的又一利好消息是:新条例将符合法律、法规规定生育子女的奖励假,从30日延长至80日。省卫生计生委主任段宇飞表示,这一修改是为提升新出生婴儿照顾水平,进一步鼓励广大群众积极执行计划生育基本国策,结合我省实际并参考外省规定作出的。   去年底修订的条例将此前的独生子女母亲产假调整为奖励假30天,女性产假调整后为:98天基本产假+30天计生奖励(二孩以内)假=128天。此政策实行不到一年,广东女性又迎来利好,产假将增至178天。   取消对输精(卵)管复通手术行政审批   为进一步方便群众实施输精(卵)管复通手术,新条例删除了原条例 “已采取绝育手术的夫妻,符合法律、法规再生育规定的,办理再生育审批手续后,可施行输精(卵)管复通手术”的规定。凡已经采取绝育措施的群众,不论是否符合再生育条件,均可自行到医疗机构实施复通手术。   同时,新条例调整了再生育审批机构,将再生育的审批机构由“乡镇、街道卫生和计划生育工作机构”修改为“乡镇人民政府、街道办事处”,进一步规范对再生育行为的管理。相关的主题文章: