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The armed guards recruit entry threshold is lower than most expected the original title: reporter for armed guards lurk: equipment 20 pounds within 10 meters of the hand guard his practice there is a group of people in the society of their daily reporter Zhang Huaishui, wearing helmets, wearing vests, hand-held anti riot gun, highly concentrated and calm and spirit. They are not soldiers, not the police or security, but to walk in the modern city "several people" – armed guards. They are the military life, do is carry loaded guns work, handled daily escort cash less on Jibaiwanduo billion yuan. As "biaoshi", in addition to their work outside, also need to strictly abide by the rules of the industry. In September 7th, Liaoning Province, Yingkou City, armored cars, a car loaded with 35 million yuan in cash was hijacked, the hijackers are foreign criminals, but the armored car driver, events for this special group full of mysterious once again become the focus of public opinion. Recently, the "daily economic news" reporter tried to enter the group, restore their true status, clarify the rules of the industry and the status quo of armed escort. The entry threshold is lower than most people expected of a Beijing security company manager Liu told the "daily economic news" reporter: "trained and armed security guards are two completely different concepts. Beijing has many home security companies, but only an armed escort transport company, Beijing Zhenyuan guard center." The reporter then contacted the Beijing Zhenyuan Guard Center, between the center, the center is responsible for the recruitment of staff said: "Zhenyuan has 16 sub centers in Beijing, each center make recruitment plan according to their own situation. We distinguish did recently in the recruitment center of Daxing armed guards." For recruitment assessment conditions, the official said, 1 meters above the height of 7, no tattoos, no criminal record, junior high school education, you can come over the interview. "Apply, remember to bring ID card, account of this and careful proof. Before the entry, there will be a physical examination, in line with the conditions can be hired. If there is a record of joining the army, we will choose the best one." The staff said. Hear here, probably most people and reporters, feel so full of mysterious work, it seems that the recruitment threshold is not high, and even many ordinary people are fully in line with the conditions of the candidates. Liu told reporters that the threshold is not high, although the number of people who can stick to this job is not much, low wages, work intensity is the main reason. "Many of our security companies have also done before the clerk, compared to them, we work here to a lot of mental pressure, wages are not lower than they." Liu manager said. Zhenyuan Guard Center staff said: "the qualification examination and interview, to attend a 15 day training and occupation qualification examination for national security. After entering the 3 month probation period." Zhenyuan Guard Center staff said, our unit wage according to different division of labor will have the difference, the monthly salary ranging from 3000~5000 yuan. And the formal establishment of a相关的主题文章: