The driver to buy food to stop blocking the pasta shop door was punctured tire boss popkart

The driver to buy food to stop blocking the pasta shop door was punctured tire boss driver in the end there is more "willful"? The day before, Yantai Haiyang City, Ms. Dong went to the market to buy food because no parking, no persuasion, still insist on the car parked at the entrance of a noodle shop, the tyres were norte. November 9th at 11 o’clock in the afternoon, who lives in the city of Haiyang Fangyuan street to drive to the market to buy food, because there is no place to stop, she intends to stop the car in the shop operating in the mouth of the yellow. At that time the pasta shop business peak, Huang persuaded Ms. Dong do not stop at this affect their business, but Ms. Dong has not been ignored, still insisted on the car door, turned to go. Huang angry and took out a pair of scissors from his shop, Ms. Dong will be before the car tire puncture. When Ms. Dong is ready to leave the food ready to buy, what a silly eye. The police during the investigation, Hwang did not cooperate with the police work, after being summoned to the police station for oral questioning, Hwang confessed their illegal. It is convenient for people to give their own convenience, thanks to the tire is not a person." An old man said. Although the A thing has its cause. Hwang’s behavior, but has violated the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law", constitute damage to public and private property behavior, the police were punished according to law. Police tip: through a large number of case analysis, many cases stem from some daily chores such as parking chaos, caused by improper handling due to the escalation of conflict, cause administrative cases and criminal cases. The public is advised in the conflict, should be more empathy, not reckless to avoid irreparable consequences persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. Source: jellyfish network相关的主题文章: