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The health market: old two dragons and fishes jumbled together to buy health care products – Passbook remaining 200 yuan Beijing, however, the current health market chaos, and really worrying. Turn on the TV, the experts tell you, "drink health porridge every day, can prevent osteoporosis; listen to the radio," patients "to talk about experience," eat XXX, my diabetes incredibly well; "open book," experts "to remind you," early you can live up to 120 dampness Qi "; even at home, open the mobile phone can also see," the doctor could not save themselves, how to save you? Health is not consumption, but to give you life!"…… A huge health needs out of the market and the health of dragons and fishes jumbled together, spawned by the interests of the health of chaos, is a kind of social disease during the period of social transformation. The health market how random Zile – banyuetan reporter circle of friends are all kinds of health care information scraper, the old superstition of preserving health cheats, crazy to buy a variety of health care products…… In recent years, health information dissemination of chaos, many people have suffered, but is still trapped. The scam targeting the elderly in Qinghai province Xining city Li Yuefang old septuagenarian, usually the body in addition to some high blood pressure had no other major problems, so has been eating antihypertensive drugs to alleviate symptoms such as dizziness. From last winter, the elderly often listen to the radio in the inside of the regimen and some exercise companion on the square. Stand up to all kinds of temptations propaganda, in early March of this year, people call the hotline and has spent 7000 yuan from the Shenyang mail order five boxes of "Kiyomoto capsule" began to take for a long time. Listen to the radio, the reason why people are sick and aging because free radicals, blood rust in the blood, resulting in low immunity, so that the blood to reach the organs are affected. Eating ‘clear base capsule’ can give the body ‘cleaning’, improve cell viability, protect organs, anti-aging." Li Yuefang said the old man, listen to the hotline to sell medicine experts, she stopped taking antihypertensive drugs, specifically to eat this health care products. At first, she did not have a clear feeling, slowly, the body is getting worse, and often dizziness. One day in June of this year, Li Yuefang suddenly fainted at home, after the examination found that due to the discontinuation of antihypertensive drugs, suffering from cerebral insufficiency, multiple vascular stenosis. Still lying in bed Li Yuefang regret the intestines are blue". Similar situation is not uncommon. In the network Q & a community, know almost on the question: what are the health program brainwashing family is a kind of experience?" I got more than 1 thousand replies. One netizen said, father retired chemical enterprise chief engineer, mother is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (pharmacist), but the two old people addicted to TV shows and a variety of health regimen, home to more than and 100 square meters of the house by a variety of health care products can only block edge. Two elderly retired a total of nearly 8000 yuan wages, originally in the local town line is complete enough, they buy a bed of infrared Almighty treatment was spent 5000 yuan to buy a "kill cancer cells" health cup 1500 yuan, buy a small molecule water purifier 2000 yuan, such actions completely, advise)相关的主题文章: