The market is still likely to fall below 3000 points to see the big ten blog ricky lee neely

The market may still be below 3000 points ten big market outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger on a guiding team you earn take can make you my Sina Financial News on Monday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opened slightly higher, after the opening of stock index rise, the gem strong intraday intraday rose more than 1%, the nuclear power sector the outbreak, then the stock index showed a narrow concussion. Afternoon opening, the stock index continued a narrow range of shock until the close. Disk, the subject shares active, the stock index showed a slight upward trend today. His brother: the market may still be below 3000 points in all aspects of the comprehensive information, the market is still unable to get rid of the risk of withdrawing the half line, that is to say the market is still below 3000 points, but the depth adjustment may not be too large, and the bottom will shock is still the main theme of recent. Yu Hui: the bottom of the brush in front of the stock volume stage now came near the 60 day moving average, has prepared the way for tomorrow and technical breakthrough, the marubozu candle, to determine the cross a star as the star of hope, also indicates that the return of stock or further as the main reason. Old fishing: a seemingly unlimited potential short-term power shortage in 3050 pay attention to the market pressure, no amount can be lighten, 3010 support, the callback can be bought. For the market outlook is still optimistic about me. Yu Yuetong: how long is expected to start red? A shares rebounded today, is completed in a series of dim positive support. But the amount of energy use is another way of saying that the current market continued upward pressure still. Anmin: tomorrow for short-term highs so as new shares as the basis, we judge tomorrow for short-term highs, namely three sell. Then the adjustment time is 4 trading days, on Friday to see the lows, after which there will be a longer rebound. Min Fei: the rally will continue but highly limited space on the whole, the market can continue to rebound, but the height and space is extremely limited, is down relay rebound probability still larger, therefore the operation due to the rebound and don’t mind fever. The first: to need to fill the amount or the market today will be repeated slightly higher, higher the index for the lowest index, shock upstream, closed at the highest point. As a result of further contraction of the transaction, the market outlook need to fill up the amount, otherwise there will be repeated or callback. Ding Dawei: not easy to make up the amount of volume price from down today, volume and price divergence, do not rule out tomorrow down, until tomorrow to make up the amount, as of September 12th there are still some gaps pressed for the market, so the operation is based on sound strategies for the. Tong Xin: short term is expected to continue to be a concussion at present is short-term excessive decline before the market correction, volume than before the holiday to shrink again showed willingness to chase the shortage of funds, short-term is expected to remain volatile. Li Zhen: history is always surprisingly similar in the 3140 start of the adjustment is a way to increase the adjustment, especially below 3000 points should be adjusted at the end of the Youkong behavior.   (Jiangshan) click on search theory相关的主题文章: