The opening film I wish you a happy voyage. veteran actor Michael Hui. 7470d

"The opening film" I wish you a happy voyage. veteran actor Michael Hui left Huang Jianwei, Chen Yuxun, led by Lin Meixiu, Ding Xiaojing, Michael Hui, Zheng Lijun, Zhong Menghong, Ye Rufen, Chung Hua Tou, Vincent Liang, Chen Yiwen, Wu Zhongtian 2016 film time network reported today (November 4th) in Taipei officially began, a finalist at the Taiwan Film Awards eight awards of the "I wish you a happy voyage." kick off. The film director Zhong Menghong and producer Ye Rufen, nominated for Golden Horse winner Michael Hui and actor Wu Zhongtian, Chung Hua Tou, Vincent Liang, Chen Yiwen, Lin Meixiu, Chen Yuxun, Huang Jianwei, attended the premiere and opening reception. Zheng Lijun, Vice Minister of culture Ding Xiaojing, director of the Taipei Municipal Cultural Bureau Zhong Yongfeng also came to support, there are many filmmakers such as Ke Zhendong, Wu Kexi, Shi Jun, Annie Chen (micro-blog) (micro signal: AnnieChenOfficial), Chang Hsiao Chuan, Xia Yuqiao, Li Lie, Shen Keshang, Yang Lizhou, Wang Yue, Hou Chi Jan et al. Also catch a preview for the Golden Horse ceremony add a lot of starlight night. Zhong Menghong had to "fourth painting" won the Golden Horse Award for best director, the highly anticipated new "" not only won the I wish you a happy voyage. film opening film, but also one Golden Horse Award for best film, director, actor, actor, photography, art design, style design and original film music Awards eight. The film was invited to the Hongkong comedy masters Michael Hui interpretation of a Hong Kong Young taxi driver, and as the drug trafficker natto, embark on a murder, kidnapping a con within a con, crazy road trip, two way solution, battle of wits, than to show the human absurd black humor, also revealed warmth. But Michael Hui and Rafa’s performances, both finalists awards. The premiere, the actor Michael Hui also inevitably asked about his battle views, he said about Tony Leung ("2" and Jacky Cheung (chill) "Dark Heaven"), the reason is two people like him, marriage is maintained for more than 20 years, so very good with wife. "As for the unmarried Ke Zhendong (" goodbye Mandalay ") and he said:" difficult. ", in addition to the above three, and the Michael Hui competition winner and" no problem "starring Wei Fan. Michael Hui did not forget to use the human offensive, a joke to the judges shouted: "I think I may be a little higher odds, although the review still look professional, but how many will highlight the" feeling ". After all, standing on humanitarian grounds, I separated the 38 years once again Nominated Golden Horse Award, I have another 38, should be more consideration to me!" For today’s work for the first time to meet with the audience, director Zhong Menghong jokes that he is not worried, but is nervous for the first time to see the film tonight of actors, they are very curious about it. Shortlisted for the Golden Horse Award, the director has to look at, as long as the audience love, good box office, he is satisfied. This film is invited to 191 wonderful film, there are 350 screenings, Film Festival before the opening that has been sold out and close to the end of the sale of nearly 100 matches together. Including five Golden Horse Award winner Ang Lee, the Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Cannes actor Liura Yuya and hundreds of filmmakers, will also be specially attended with his fans. Hongkong Award for best director.相关的主题文章: