The pixel wind evil star guest survival game landing blue f1– Tomahawk game

The pixel wind evil star guest "survival game" landing blue F1– Tomahawk game original title: pixel wind evil star guest "survival game" F1 "Tomahawk landing blue evil star guest" is a pixel style third person shooter 3D overlooks the angle of life, by the Triangle Studios game development studio. In August 25th, the blue science and Technology (formerly axe Technology)’s first domestic home internet entertainment game again on the new F1 and axe "evil star guest" "Schine" "the abyss Odyssey" three games. This is the second time in August the Tomahawk F1 new, so intensive new both showed blue Technology (formerly axe Technology) to expand the number of games, the established strategy relies on content driven development, once again proved that the Tomahawk F1 promised first signing of the 76 games and non exaggeration. In the new three games, "evil star guest" with its distinctive cute style and fun arcade like by the game player praise. "Evil star guest" is a pixel style third person shooter 3D overlooks the angle of life, by the Triangle Studios game development studio. The player will play a serious face uncle named Jerry, in the face of a group of brain eating invaders from space, hand flashlight and weapons against them and try to survive. Compared to other live games, "evil star guest" in the fresh brain invaders appear bright and lovely more. Because it is a pixel style game, although the game the whole scene trying to create a "terrorist" atmosphere, but in the face of a pink light box to hit you, you still feel a little silly adorable. But stupid Meng Meng Meng, as a survival class shooting game, the player can feel the tension in the work is still very strong. In the game, the player is not only to be in the chaos of the city at any time in the wake of the appearance of a large number of pink light-emitting alien killer, but also need to constantly look for weapons and equipment to enhance their strength. At the same time, as the game continued, the monster will face more and more, as the tide of monsters, game player need to use the skills to those monsters to kill, in the excitement over, it can experience the pleasure of general arcade. At the same time, the weapon is very rich, and equipped with an upgraded system, upgraded weapons will produce very different results. Of course, in addition to the single player mode, this also supports local double cooperation mode, you can call on your bestie, together to beat these alien creatures, but more monsters are hard to play Oh ~ ~ F1 has signed with Tomahawk game "evil star guest" "Schine" "abyss Odyssey" this three games on the new Tomahawk F1 first signed 76 game is on the line 27. These 27 games have been both on-line "Dynasty Warriors 7 moushouden 3A" and other international big game, there are "drift," Grandpa "Catus onslaught robot", etc. for the whole family together play more games, "2" "asylum" ziggurat and other unique features of the game. In the follow-up, "taokaka: the moment of the extended version of the" phantom "Assassin’s Creed" Chronicles ")相关的主题文章: