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A-class car prices, B class car face! One of the best price – Sohu name map is designed for modern automobile China market to build models, since listing substantial sales, it is very China mean personality characteristics, and the appearance of the interior can reflect this, the overall shape and interior are mature at the same time, a chart has the compact models of the price, space and configuration intermediate models, dislocation competition that now seems to be working, but the general quality of the vehicle, and the German Japanese who still lags far behind. The name of the target is very clear, that is, about 30 years of consumer groups, and now there are about 20 thousand of the concessions, if you are a 80, may wish to follow the look at the name of the tomato brother which models worth buying. The name of the 1.8L, 2.0L, 1.6T three kinds of power can be selected, taking into account only one model 2.0L and the cost of the whole system is not high, so do not compare. Today, brother of two 1.8L selected tomato with models and 1.6T top models to compare. To participate in the comparison of the 1.8L match 6 block manual transmission, while the 1.6T match the 7 gear dual clutch transmission. 1.6T is undoubtedly the dominant power, but this combination of 1.8L+6AT mature and stable, better than 1.6T ride. Intelligent security configuration of the disappointing lack of stability in the body does not say, even the airbags are so small, a look of dislike tomato brother.Jgp. The other two models are a lot of security configuration is complete. This is not so intelligent shrink, some common configuration has appeared, and the flagship of this distinguished difference, two belong to the same standard, the intelligent configuration and with a gap opened. Intelligent performance in this regard but not lost, in line with the identity of its models. While the flagship not optional xenon headlights that a little tomato brother cannot read, the configuration of the flagship 1.6T and 1.8L distinguished type have little differences, 1.8L distinguished type multi steering auxiliary lamp makes it a leading flagship diudiu. 1.8L automatic intelligent configuration was satisfactory, but the security configuration is poor "is really too horrible to look at, tomato brother 1.8L is not recommended for intelligent. Compared with 1.8L and 1.6T distinguished type flagship configuration, the price of 10 thousand yuan or less, mainly in the power, 1.6T power is stronger, but 1.8L+6AT this combination of mature and stable, smooth gear dual clutch is better than 1.6T+7, for about 30 people, compared to power, comfort is more important after all, more centered on the family name, so recommend 1.8L. So the recommendation is: 2016 1.8L DLX相关的主题文章: