The small screen mobile phone which is good 5 inches large collecting popular mobile phone midd-885

The small screen mobile phone which is good 5 inches large collecting in recent years popular mobile phone mobile phone screen bigger, large screen mobile phone has become more and more popular, many models even reached more than 6 inches. However, more and more users are tired of the large screen mobile phone, especially the large screen mobile phone needs to be operated, for cold winter, single hand operation is more suitable for the user. In addition, for some relatively small hand women users, large screen mobile phone is not convenient for carrying, and single hand operation is difficult, this is understanding how pain ah, 5 inches of mobile phone good single hand operation and moderate size of the screen, the small screen size of mobile phone is the best. The Sina mobile phone will bring you a few hot 5 inches around the mobile phone, the recent purchase to a friend may wish to focus. Apple iPhone 79 month, apple held a conference in the United States, launched a new iPhone. This year’s iPhone 7 did not last year Apple replacement practice, mobile phone design compared to the previous generation iPhone 6S is not much difference, but the internal configuration and hardware have a big upgrade, the new bright black version, in addition IP67 waterproof, is also equipped with four core A10 chip (for the first time using the structure four core nuclear size), cancel the launch of AirPods 3.5mm audio interface, Bluetooth headset. Click the picture to see the details of the apple iPhone 7 apple iPhone 7 with a 4.7 inches screen resolution compared to the apple iPhone 6 no change on the processor apple iPhone 7 using A10 processor, a significant performance than the previous generation, and the launch of the 32GB, 128GB and 256GB three versions, while Apple iPhone 6 memory 16GB, 64GB and 128GB three versions, compared to Apple iPhone 7 in memory also made a great improvement. Click the picture to see the details of the apple iPhone 7 apple iPhone 7 with a new antenna design style, and the abolition of the apple iPhone 6 traditional 3.5mm interface to Lightning interface headset, headset, incidental conversion interface. Apple iPhone 7 has IP67 waterproof function. In function, apple iPhone 7 Upgrade 3D touch sensor, tactile feedback is more obvious. IPhone 7 front 7 million pixels and the rear of the 12 million pixel camera, joined the optical image stabilization function, equipped with a 4-LED True Tone flash. Apple iPhone 7 reference price: 5388 yuan HUAWEI Nova (quote parameter forum software) if the screen size divided by today’s mobile phone market, it can be divided into two different directions. One is now more common is the big screen mobile phone, the pursuit of the screen size and screen ratio is bigger the better, and even the phone screen size has more than 6.4 inches. Another direction is 5 inches or less相关的主题文章: