The third Enshi Expo opening selenium selenium food acclaim kimi wo omou melodi

The third Enshi Expo opening of selenium rich selenium food received health Chinese, "Se lead the world". After a lapse of ten months, Enshi once again issued an invitation to the world in the name of health. September 23rd, the third world selenium (Enshi) selenium products Expo opening. More than 1700 customers from 25 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide gathered in more than and 30, carrying more than 1000 kinds of selenium products on the same stage show. Compared with the previous two sessions, the se se Fair exhibitors product quality, technological content and value-added products increased, but also by the selenium enriched food of primary agricultural products to machining, serialization, diversification. Between heaven and earth, things to selenium for your. Selenium is an essential trace element for human beings and animals, which was confirmed by the WHO, and was called "life fire" by scientists". Selenium enriched food is becoming more and more popular, and people in the pursuit of a healthy diet at the same time, the taste of food, taste are required to reach a higher level. Enshi food to the Modern Agricultural Industrial Co., Ltd. in the healthy and delicious way forward. The understanding of the diners in the first place, is their persistence. "Good food as" authentic Tujia food still follow the traditional way of mouth and mouth who understand, from the mountains to downtown from the field road, hill, ancestral secret wing into the Great Hall of the people, become a national food technology. It is such a stick, so that the food is good in the current selenium Expo attracted much attention. Try the long queue before the exhibition hall is spectacular, the reporter also could not resist the temptation of delicacy, joined the team. Queuing process, a Tujia dressed in costumes of the Tujia girl began to introduce their company from raw materials of plant breeding to processing to promote the integration of development, not to eat delicacy, it makes people more of a look. When the woman introduced their special Tujia Tujia Tujia bacon sausage, heard of, but in the two world wide taste Sichuan sausage, Tujia sausage really never heard. Followed by the slow pace of the team, finally came to me. Staff at the scene to cut a slice of sausage to me, spicy moderate, spicy and refreshing; a marbled smoky aroma makes meat but not smoked dry taste, eat a piece of event. The hospitality of the Tujia girl gave me a taste of Tujia bacon, aroma, and fresh meat has a different taste and flavor. Try to walk into the exhibition hall, many tourist businesses in the food and good staff to buy products. Ready to leave, to see a few foreign friends after the taste of the staff repeatedly praised, which is probably no borders food bar. "Good food" is grateful the gifts of the earth, from the mouth to the heart, love long flavor. On health, the pursuit of delicious achievements of organic selenium green foods kingdom. I believe our so faith can create extraordinary taste buds on the epic.相关的主题文章: