The United States can not dominate the world but is still the strongest country no one can replace shiyang

The United States cannot dominate the world but is still the strongest country no one could replace the United States to dominate the world, but it is still the strongest power [US] Joseph · (Joseph Nye), which country can not replace the United States since 1900 has been the world’s largest economy, but until after World War II became the National Center for the world balance of power. The. Since the Second World War, the United States is not only the biggest military power but also the largest economic power. Now, a lot of people say that this situation has ended, the United States has declined, the world order will collapse. But I don’t agree with this view, the United States is not absolute decline, there is no other countries can replace the position of the largest u.s.. Europe and the United States in the area, although the equivalent of the total population and the GDP, but it lacks unity; the decline of Russia, facing serious economic and population issues; look at India and Brazil, they are still largely in developing countries. Many people believe that China is the most likely to replace the United states. But China’s economy is still only $10 trillion, the United States is 18 trillion. Per capita income, the United States is much higher than china. As a result, the United States is still stronger, and it seems that no country can take the place of it. So the question is: will the United States continue to provide global public goods? Can the United States maintain a stable set of international values, such as freedom of navigation on the high seas, openness of the Internet, environmental health, global pollution, global warming, and so on? I think the United States will continue to do that. If there are problems in this area, it may be more from the internal attitude of the United States rather than external challenges. The United States will have to cooperate with other countries in order to continue to function. If the challenges facing the United States do not come from the outside world, where does it come from? One of the challenges may be the growing complexity of the international system, especially the non-state actors are playing an increasingly important role. If you look at the Internet to understand that many of the actors use the Internet, some of which are doing good, while others are crime or attack. The problem here is that when you need to not only communicate with other countries, but also to deal with the non national behavior from hackers and terrorists to independent currency manipulator body, you in the end how to maintain the international order? Therefore, the increasing complexity of international relations is a long-term challenge, not only from the rise of China, India or Japan, but also from the rise of non-state actors. Another challenge is whether Americans want to continue to do so. The United States has become the world’s largest economy in early twentieth Century, but did not play a leading role or provide the international order in 1930s, it returned to the isolationist stance. As a result, no one stood up and took the lead in the face of German aggression or Japanese imperialism; when the United States suffered from the great depression, no one cared for and maintained the international monetary system. Therefore, in 1930s, in fact, there is no so-called international order, the United States does not assume the responsibility to maintain international order. If that kind of situation again;相关的主题文章: