The world’s 50 largest market space artifact, the United States and Russia in space power technology

The world’s 50 largest market space artifact, the United States and Russia in space power – Chinese led Aerospace Science and technology Sohu from 1956 start date, from the "Dongfanghong" satellite, to today’s "Tiangong two", has been among the list of great space China. The United States and the Soviet Union, the "space race" has been away from us, and now, each country is based on their own strength and research needs to carry out their own space exploration. This kind of benign competition and cooperative relationship has ushered in a golden age of scientific discovery. As the absolute main force of space exploration, the National Aeronautics and space department undertakes the development of space exploration program, core technology research and development, spacecraft design and manufacturing and other important work. The strength of these departments often reflect a country’s economic and technological development. Today, DT is going to take a look at the world’s top space sector, as well as their landmark events and the "artifact" that they are not in. And (National Aeronautics Space Administration, NASA) NASA was established in 1958, is undoubtedly the world’s most powerful space sector. NASA milestone events include the 12 astronauts on the moon, the construction of the first recoverable orbit detector, all the planets in the solar system to launch advanced detectors. NASA has always been at the forefront of human exploration of space. Russian Federation Aerospace Bureau (Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activityes, Roscosmos) in December 28, 2015, the Russian Federation Aerospace Bureau (Roscosmos) and the joint Russian rocket space group (URSC) with establishment of Russian national aerospace group company, the new company still use the name "Russian Federation Aerospace Bureau". It inherited the glorious history of space exploration in the former Soviet Union and continued to be responsible for space science and space projects in russia. Russian Federation aerospace bureau is the main partner of the international space station, the core module of the international space station of the dawn "(Zarya) based bin and the" Star "(Zvezda), the service module from the Russian Federation aerospace bureau. Administration (China National Space, CNSA), People’s Republic of China, was established in April 1993 with the goal of managing and planning China’s space programs and activities. As of 2013, ten astronauts have been sent into space. European Space Agency (European Space, ESA), which is a member of the 22 member countries of the European Union, the International Space Exploration Agency, Agency. European pore space was established in 1975, headquartered in Paris, France, scientific research facilities and Research Notes相关的主题文章: