The world’s first coach of table tennis robot was born sustainable and at tencent upd

The world’s first coach of table tennis robot "was born: sustainable and at OMRON launched the world’s first" table tennis coach for the Omron Corporation to develop the robot can continue playing table tennis with the human robot "FORPHEUS" (in), recognized by the Guinness world record for the world’s first "robot table tennis coach". Kyodo News (Kyodo) [] on 8 September, the Omron Corporation announced on 8, the development of the company can continue to carry out the table tennis sparring with the human robot "FORPHEUS" was recognized by Guinness world records as the world’s first "robot table tennis coach". In view of the active performance of the Japanese players in the Olympic Games to make table tennis popular, OMRON will expand the publicity of the robot. The sensor is arranged on the table, the robot can estimate the position and speed of the opponent’s ball rotation and speed about 80 times per second, right after the placement of the ball back. The robot can according to the practice from beginners to proficiency of high order players. It is reported that the robot uses the industrial robot braking technology. The robot in 2013 Chinese exhibition debut, then gradually improve the hit precision, will be in Chiba next month at the latest digital home appliances and IT will display "CEATEC Japan 2016" debut. (end)相关的主题文章: