Tianfeng strategy continue to focus on defense and the boom of the upstream industry sweets parade

Tianfeng strategy: continue to focus on defense and financial industry boom up Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money from the public, WeChat analyst Xu Biao: [during the national day of global risk asset review] National Day period October 3rd -10 month 7 JCP 5 trading days, "the factors of global risk assets" (first PMI than expected, lower than expected and then non dominant). The foreign exchange market, the dollar index rose 1.1% before the rest of the money, including offshore renminbi, there are different degrees of depreciation. Stock market: hard off Europe led to the rate cut is expected to push up 100 when the rich rose by 2.1%, the Japanese yen pushed up the Nikkei rose by an average of 2.49%, the rest of the stock market rose slightly in. Commodity market: frozen production is expected to push up oil rose 3.47%, the basic metal futures prices fell to varying degrees, the dollar index soared lead to gold, silver fell. [comment] 1 domestic important information, [] the local real estate market credit limit restriction policy intensive introduction; Zhou Xiaochuan said it would take measures to promote the healthy development of the real estate market. In September 25th, we taishiyanpan weekly "real estate cycle: a" dangerous "key variables", made it clear to establish the foundation for economic stabilization and recovery in real estate is expected, but it is dangerous!". During the National Day holiday, seen in the media is not the major focus of the city house sales information, but have ushered in the local control policy, let us see the corresponding hot city housing sales contract information in large extent is unexpected. The hot city so many control policies introduced, the global policy is not the central level, but considering that since 2013, the real estate regulation initiative in great extent from practice has been devolved to local government, therefore, the number of local government issued regulatory policy, essentially has the global control signal. Historically, first of all, after the subprime crisis, China had experienced two real estate regulation: regulation first appeared in 2010, the year April issued the "State Council on resolutely curb the part of the city housing prices notice", in April of that year, the real estate price growth peaked after entering more than 2 year (26 months) long down cycle; second regulation in 2013, the same year the end of November, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing first-tier cities have introduced regulatory policy, after the two or three line of the city also launched regulation policy, "Han seven" and other regulatory policies promulgated in December of that year, the growth rate of the real estate the same year the price peaked after the same enter more than 2 years (28 months) long down cycle! Secondly, before 2010 2013, the two regulation, the year-on-year growth upward cycle for 4-6 quarter, the prices upward cycle since 2015 April to August this year, has more than 5 quarters, has length of the uplink time long enough. Again, in 2010 and 2013, the two regulation theory相关的主题文章: