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Establish a relationship with the child, what is the most important Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual this paper from the "mother | mission" | author Sally Clarkson a few years ago, I once thought to provide children with the opportunity is how good. One of the children attended the famous choir, and the other two children went online. The whole family took part in the musical performance. Clay and his son to participate in the father and son club, I took my daughter to participate in the mother daughter group. Every night before going to sleep in our routine, reading history books or outstanding preachers in Eastern Europe and then discuss the story. So enjoy the family day in and day out, tension and hectic life. Nathan, nine, seems to be showing signs of stress. He’s not very obedient, and he doesn’t get along well with a good little friend. One night, I asked him to come to my room. I sat in the chair I usually read, Nathan was lying on my lap. He looked up at me with a gentle look and said, "Mom, you know we can’t talk too long!" Nathan was right, for the next hour, the phone rang six times. The other kids came up from time to time because of the important things I needed to confirm. He also laicourenao, to discuss a manuscript he would be writing and I. The dishes were not washed, and Joey’s asthma had to be dealt with. With the children and Craig frequently disturbed, I loudly said: "Nathan, I’ll try to talk to you, but now I need to deal with some important things. Now I’m not answering any calls. Sara, you deal with Joey’s asthma. Joel, you clean up the kitchen. Please don’t bother me again." When I said this, Nathan looked at me with unbelievable eyes. But he’s getting more relaxed. I gently rubbed his back and rubbed his head. Finally, he opened up his mind. Nathan talks about his feelings of being hurt and the things he gets along with two kids. One of his friends was unfriendly to him recently. He said he felt lonely. He also told me some little secrets. I talked about my views, shared some Bible passages with him, and prayed together. When I put Nathan on the bed, he said, "Mom, if you have time to talk to me and encourage me, I’m willing to do the right thing and want to be someone like Jesus. When I feel lonely, the days are not good, if you do not spend time with me, I really have the idea of doing bad things." This is my son, Nathan! He’s just a kid who always reminds me to spend time with each child. We have so many activities that are good, but not necessary. All I have to do is spend time with children. There is no substitute for heart to heart communication, to share one’s feelings, to teach the truth and to draw together相关的主题文章: