Today, the lowest temperature in Shenyang fell to 3 degrees from the province’s temperature rise of plustek

Shenyang today the minimum temperature is reduced to 3 DEG C, the temperature 4 DEG -5 DEG out from Shenyang today weather Chaoyang weather many users are using "frozen cry" to describe the weather in Shenyang yesterday, the temperature of cliff style decline to the minimum temperature of 5 degrees. However, the temperature in a cold autumn rain will push down again today, the lowest temperature to 3 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, can be said to be cold to the bone. Until tomorrow during the day, the maximum temperature is expected to rise to nearly 20 degrees C. Weather beauty burst 9.28 climate shaping your dialect! In yesterday’s Central Meteorological Observatory issued a national cooling gale forecast, the province’s cooling up to 4 -10. The strong cold air to the province ushered in a rain not to say, the north wind is also 5-6, gust 7-8, blowing the passers-by shiver. Shenyang yesterday, the minimum temperature dropped to 5 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature hovering at about 16 degrees Celsius, coupled with the north wind blowing fiercely, the body is to be low on a few degrees. However, don’t think this is the lowest temperature in autumn in Shenyang, according to statistics, from Shenyang since meteorological records, the highest temperature appeared in 2002, up to 27.3 degrees; the history of low temperature occurred in 1957, down to 1.7 DEG C. Yesterday’s temperature and the history of the low temperature compared to some gaps. All say "job", but it also makes some wind blowing too much, buddies now most concerned about is when the temperature rise? This cold air strength is not weak, but the duration is not long. Due to continued to suppress the north wind, after the temperature for the great diving, even with bright sunlight, also will not soon recover. Shenyang today in the cold air temperature will boost the down dip, the minimum temperature dropped to 3 degrees, this week the coldest day, the maximum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, must go out to wear thick clothes. The province is also roughly the same, the 28 day of the cloudy sunny, on the morning of 28 Fushun, Tieling, Kangping Faku area and cream or light cream, the minimum temperature of Fushun, Tieling and Kangping, Faku 2 -4 OC, Dalian, Dandong area of 9 DEG -12 DEG, 5 DEG -8 DEG in other areas. 28 night to the 30 day of the province sunny. To the day of Thursday, with the withdrawal of cold air, southwest wind back, the temperature began to rise, the minimum temperature of 9 degrees, the maximum temperature of 19 degrees C. On the last day before the national holiday, the minimum temperature will be restored to 10 degrees, the highest temperature is 21 DEG C. The temperature is up 4 DEG -5 DEG, and the highest temperature in Chaoyang area is from 18 degrees to 28 degrees C fierce jump. > > > more news Liaoning local heating at 10 tomorrow [get what? Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, Ouyang Nana actually join forces to save the earth? Pay attention to "the Daliaohe net" WeChat (txdaliao), reply to the "trump card" understand and participate in activities, a chance to win the "trump card" ace funny movie tickets 2! The most funny comedy, this is the national day to laugh PA rhythm ah! ]相关的主题文章: