Today you chop hands Sword net 3 double eleven big Hui war opens

Today you chop hands? "Sword net 3" "double eleven" Hui war opens "sword net 3" "double eleven" big Hui war officially opened today, twelve of the world’s best attacking welfare, substantial reward incentives, as well as the new blonde, exterior effects and many other new incoming, today you chop hands? "Sword net 3" "double eleven" active topics page [super] welfare joy unlimited November 11th 0 to November 11th 24 points: (only this day) benefits: half price help rubbing has collected a good dream chivalrous person rubbing weapons and equipments appearance, rubbing cost by half, only this day throughout the year! All the uniforms set, set of arena collectors want to change the appearance of weapons Paladin don’t miss opportunities! Half off: enjoy the welfare of two randomly selected area, pet store appearance mounts, gadgets all day, the 50 percent off preferential goods area, also can be used with a new 32% off discount superimposed oh! Want to take the 233 foot? That’s the day! Welfare three: three times the points for gifts "double eleven" all day long all Tongbao consumption and recharge time consumption all have 300% integral feedback! Help for your favorite products earlier paladin. In November 11th 0, November 17th (before maintenance: only this week) four: ten percent off purchase of new welfare clothing clothing store the outer limit of ten percent off sales, he Roma dance, blue sky nebula, the sea between many classic exterior as you choose! Value benefits, only this week! Five: assist in the welfare package to meet the need of rubbing rubbing the appearance of the party, to enlarge the spectral envelope on gadgets area, convenient to quickly collect timely the appearance of rubbing paladin! Welfare six: the heart of the heart of the free to take this double eleven, I wish you no longer lonely. During the event, the use of paladin payment functions for others single consumer more than 10000 full payment and paid Tongbao, people can receive a full service object with romantic confession announcement "really a orange heart."! Welfare seven: Tongbao one billion pumping stop character knife hot beta, sending 10 million yuan (equivalent to 1000000000 producer Tongbao) feedback Jianxia fans! During the event, the chivalrous person serving the whole region cumulative recharge time, consumption amount for each reign over 30 yuan can draw a day, for 14 days. The upper limit of 300 yuan, that is, each account can be accumulated up to a maximum of 140 times. Serving the whole region a total of 1 billion for his first draw first! Welfare eight: Send a new feedback during the five ritual activities, Paladin in the game serving the whole region recharge time and consumption amount will Tongbao cumulative, the total reached the corresponding amount, you can receive a free traditional wedding theme waist pendant forest flower sound "," good luck "; the back pendant style Nile back Pendant" Bi shefu ", waist hanging dragon pupil". Taste "Fuxiang Wing Pendant", when gathering two birds accompanied by Paladin arena tour. After use can be expanded into flowers romantic arches, body with floating incense for three thousand years, to smell the flowers solution of disaster. The equipment purchase price of gold down across the board, the daily conference award doubled with sword, daily gold get double extra drop fam team,.相关的主题文章: