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Tokyo Omotesando: Pioneer still ancient tourism Sohu in the spring of 2014, it had a chance to go to Tokyo. Needless to say, the Chinese people in Japan are very complicated in this country. If let me use a word to sum up is "love hate to pay". Hate is needless to say, do not forget a blood feud. Love, can not say, but there are many worthy of our admiration and learning. Vision and Tokyo, and our city has a larger difference, whether it is from the fashion trend, architectural style, vegetation, streets, clean degree and various soft services, there are no small difference. If you say that you only see is sightseeing, is bustling, in fact we are at the end of the day, to take the Tokyo Metro subway, a lot of people, but very quiet, no noise and no chat, play the music of begging, some people see in the pocket book, some people listen to music and we, north of Guangzhou Metro is a different scene. Tokyo is the capital of japan. The largest city in Asia is not only one of the most important economic centers in the world, but also one of the most populous cities in the world. Tokyo appear anywhere can match the lustrous and dazzling. She is a vibrant and modern city, because you can always find the most cutting-edge architectural design and the most popular fashion style here; at the same time, she also kept the essence of Japanese traditional culture — the Meiji Shrine also plays host to coincide with hundreds of years ago the wedding ceremony, and high-rise buildings the block can still see the old man dressed in a kimono walked into the small shrine. The traditional and modern, busy and leisure, service spirit and hedonism are here collision. Tokyo is so diverse, whether you are nine ordinary white-collar workers, or favorite cartoon two dimensional youth, will be able to find their own world. But Tokyo is so complex that it’s hard to define it in a few days’ travel. The Meiji Shrine is situated in Tokyo of Japan Shibuya area Yoyogi shrine, where Emperor Meiji (died 1912) and Zhao Xian empress (died 1914), is an important Japanese Shinto shrine. Omotesando, Harajuku and Shibuya, daiguanshan gathered street fashion shop four main features of Tokyo, the JNTO, Omotesando OMOTESANDO gathered in Europe, Japan and other top designers, popular element content is very high, the window inside the clothing ornaments placed very creative, suitable for people who have the economic ability of grade. Omotesando square (OMOTESANDO HILLS) as a landmark Omotesando, beginning in February 11, 2006 for the public, this is a set of business, accommodation, parking lot is a multifunctional building, a new choice is shopping, as one of the most famous shopping destinations in Tokyo, it is the charm of some famous brands in the world or large fashion square only located here, many world famous brand flagship store is also provided here. Table square road for the famous Japanese designer Ando Tadao design. It can be said that the table is the world’s leading brands in Asia exhibition.相关的主题文章: