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Too hard! Chen Yao is pregnant still do not eat the soup only fitness – Sohu NetEase maternal entertainment in September 7th reports this morning, Chen Yao shared his pregnant mentality in micro-blog. She said, "in late pregnancy, do not eat the soup only, three in the morning wake up hungry, carry six points can not stand up to eat, it seems the doctor suggested late pregnancy is not less." In fact, after pregnancy Chen Yao for the body to manage their own very strict, barbell, yoga as did fall, even directly with their son small potatoes together in the gym. In this regard, netizens have said: "don’t go on a diet during pregnancy, with poor nutrition" "too hard for it, but the diet during pregnancy this kind of thing is really hard to pay attention to the body" "mother! So much strength will not keep on. Pregnant women can be healthy pregnant women can according to their own needs, the appropriate fitness exercise. On the fetus, the movement for the mother to provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the brain, causes the brain to release endorphins and other beneficial substances, through the placenta to the fetus, can accelerate the growth and development so as to promote the The new supersedes the old.,; exercise can shake the amniotic fluid, can stimulate fetal skin, like a massage to the fetus, is very conducive to the fetal brain after the birth of development, will be more clever. For pregnant women, exercise can promote blood circulation and The new supersedes the old., improve heart and lung function, help sleep, relieve lumbago, prevent or relieve edema of lower extremity. In addition, exercise can increase physical strength, so that the muscles are elastic, which is very meaningful for smooth delivery. For pregnant women with diabetes, exercise can assist in the treatment of disease. How to exercise pregnant women during pregnancy in different periods of pregnancy, the need to adopt a different way of exercise, to help promote the healthy growth of their own and fetus. 12 weeks before pregnancy, pregnant women must be slow to do sports, pregnant women can go for a walk, jog, do broadcast gymnastics. Choose a relatively slow rhythm of gymnastics is more appropriate, gymnastics, skipping pregnant women can not do. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women should use some light movement, the movement must be small. Pregnant women can do yoga, swimming, you can also slow dance. These exercises can help pregnant women to enhance their flexibility, in the exercise, the body should be in a relaxed state. Pregnant women in late pregnancy, should do some slow motion, such as stretching exercise. To strengthen the arm, leg, pelvic floor muscle training for future delivery to prepare. Action must be slow, so as to avoid premature birth.相关的主题文章: