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The report of the people’s Liberation Army: rendering expeditionary capability enhanced picture: January 6, 2009 morning 11, Chinese naval escort fleet arrived in the Gulf of Aden and waters off the Somali coast a predetermined area, and organize the implementation of the escort for the first time. (Xinhua News Agency) reference news network November 8th Taiwan media reported that the people’s Liberation Army’s growing military power, according to the United States announced an upcoming Chinese military development report pointed out that Chinese is sustainable development of warships, submarines, military and intelligence systems and overseas bases, and strive to become a global military power; and Chinese over the past 15 years in the United Nations troops dispatched more than 27 thousand soldiers, will provide valuable experience in the future Chinese remote operations and internal security. According to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" reported on November 7th, "Asia Times" 6 journal entitled "Chinese is the display of military muscle" article said, written by the Sino US economic and Security Council on Beijing military report, is expected to be announced in 16. According to the latest draft of the report pointed out that China is building military forces to deal with the air, land and ocean situation, while the focus of attention in Beijing has gone beyond the East and South China sea. The report said that Beijing’s new military capabilities will be expanded to enhance the people’s Liberation Army to intervene to stop the island landing, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, non war personnel evacuation and peacekeeping troops and other operational capabilities. The report said, the PLA military capacity expansion, will strengthen the weak neighbors with traditional war ability; strengthen military special forces combat capability, improve the ability of submarines and aircraft, increased the army combat experience in overseas, Beijing may be more inclined to use force to protect its core interests. The report pointed out that the people’s liberation army expeditionary combat capability, including 6 large amphibious transport dock ship model and 1 amphibious assault ships, ships, new aircraft carriers and advanced missile warships, as ocean going combat convoy; while the PLA Air force is similar to the U.S. C-17 deployment of new Y-20 aircraft, while Beijing and Russia will jointly produce similar to Russia an -225 transport aircraft, to become the world’s largest cargo plane.相关的主题文章: