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Very wise choice (Ambassador G20 Hangzhou Summit) – International – "in the group of twenty (G20) summit in Hangzhou, the core issues including how to promote global economic growth, oppose protectionism and promote economic structural reform and innovation, we are very pleased with the Hangzhou summit theme and agenda setting. China has laid a good foundation for the success of the summit." German ambassador Ke Muxian said in an exclusive interview with this reporter. The Hangzhou summit coincided with the weakness of the global economic recovery, the International Monetary Fund has repeatedly lowered its expectations for world economic growth. Ke Muxian said, G20 summit is one of the most important platform for global policy coordination and communication, bringing together the world’s most important economies. Through the G20 summit, China is trying to inject new vitality into world economic growth, which is a very wise choice. Ke Muxian said that the construction of innovation, vitality, linkage, inclusive of the world economy, the theme of the summit is in line with the global economic situation. "Innovation", as the three pillars of economic growth (expanding exports, stimulating domestic demand and technological innovation), in the next period of time is difficult to play a significant role in promoting global economic growth in the first two, so only improve productivity through technological innovation, economic growth can gain new vitality. "Tolerance" means a higher degree of openness. At present, the trend of global protectionism. The Hangzhou summit will be "inclusive" as the theme, issued a clear opposition to trade protectionism signal. Ke Muxian said, China support setting for the summit of the Hangzhou agenda for Germany, and that structural economic reform is necessary, because the reality has clearly demonstrated that the simple economies to inject a lot of money not to improve the economy, will only lead to economic growth after the stimulus defiant, and quickly fell into a trough. Only structural reforms to achieve sustainable economic growth. Ke Muxian expressed appreciation for China’s sustainable development agenda, especially China’s first climate change into the agenda of the summit". "We believe that the Paris agreement should be implemented quickly and transparently." Ke Muxian pointed out that the agenda of the Hangzhou summit also provides a link to the Sino German cooperation. At present, Germany has reached a cooperation mechanism in a wide range of areas. In the field of innovation, the formation of the German "industrial 4" and "made in China," the butt of the two governments, research institutes and enterprises to establish a different level of cooperation mechanism between the 2025. Turkey summit in Antalya, the fourth meeting of the informal briefing will be held in Germany in 2017 G20 summit, the Hangzhou summit will be officially confirmed. Ke Muxian said that the G20 summit hosted by Germany should maintain a high degree of coherence with the Hangzhou summit, such as sustainable growth, climate protection, etc.. "We see all the preparations for the Hangzhou summit are very full and look forward to the success of the Hangzhou summit!" "People’s Daily" (08 2016 31 August 21 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Cui Dong)相关的主题文章: