Wang Naigui on line ending key war, gold and silver oil investment advice winavi

Wang Naigui: on line ending key war, gold and silver oil investment advice Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Market review overnight gold and silver prices lower mainly benefited from the strong dollar, on the one hand, Fed officials continued to boost the hawkish remarks, on the other hand, according to data released yesterday, August U.S. consumer confidence index is better than expected rise in the push force of the United States that. The price of gold yesterday dropping to the lowest since the two month low of $1309 an ounce, the daily closing a saturated small line; the price of silver synchronization from $18.9 decline, hitting the lowest level of 18.5, the daily income of small Yin; crude oil prices yesterday blocked in 47.5, and late fall down to $46.2, on a small line to line. Europe and the United States to focus on the fundamentals of the euro area in August CPI, the United States has a small number of non farm payrolls and other data such as the change of the ADP and the Fed officials speak. Today the analysis and operation suggestions of gold running in the rhythm of a day after Yindie ended a saturation line, today probably rate is still weak shocks and break the low line method, this month, ending the war the take-up importance is self-evident, reason is that since February this year since the mid bottom near the two rally to $1375 is blocked down. In the high shock period is longer than two months, monthly line form is currently in the stage of pregnancy line, which is high, strong signal adjustment coming from the current day, week, K pattern has also been a corresponding verification. Of course, the financial market Nothing is too strange., anything could happen, if today is taking the lead to the last line of the Wulitou pulled up, the influence of shape on the other said, on this point the author will also need to be vigilant, after a timely reminder. The operation in yesterday’s daily saturated Yin suppression, short-term lows more likely to short follow up, this is normal practice, the timing of intervention can be selected in the 5 day average of 1317 rallies in 1308–1303 below the bargain. For more than a single, lack of reason in the intervention has been out of the pattern, must wait for stabilization, such as time-sharing chart or short-term bottom, bottom Zhongyang Huichou after verification and so on, it could not be contrarian, after notice of linpan. Silver at the beginning of the week fell to 18.3 stabilized after maintaining a narrow range of trading, although yesterday received a small Yin, but personally think that in May the average price of 18.3 to stabilize after breaking the short-term possibility of small, usually under the broken window of time will be delayed until next month —-9 months, the trend of gold in understanding the meaning and above this point. On the same day, until today not pulled up sharply higher, otherwise September overall decline pattern will not change. So in the operation with the empty at the same time, the stability of more than a single need to be extra careful, can be said to be defensive. With the empty short-term resistance concerns near 18.8–18.9, in Kuaijinkuaichu, more than a single support on 18.3—-18.2, here the short-term small possibility of breaking. Crude oil, yesterday continued to adjust down after a negative today to 45.7 near the low inertia breaking is basically stabilized, since the 39.2 rise since the trend of support.相关的主题文章: