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Why is the baby clothes washed yellow? Experts teach you the correct cleaning method – Sohu since the mother doll fall, when the mother’s broken heart ah, nothing else, light feed the baby is not a worry thing, drink when the baby is not honest, often put the milk spilled on the clothes, after drinking often spits up, a little look, it is full dress up. Wait until the long teeth, slobber flow Huahua, wearing a bib is useless, so the clothes get wet, sometimes a day to give the baby wash clothes several times. Mothers are not affected by emotion, thanks to milk stains, water stains, rub a rub, it almost washed clean. But, mom, are you sure you can’t see the stain and wash it? 96.2% of the baby’s clothes are washed white? I wonder if there is no mother who met this kind of situation, it has put the baby clothes clean, can be folded away after a few days, but found that the collar and cuffs of all become yellow, and even some of them were mouldy, what is the reason? In fact, the reason is that you do not really wash clothes. The baby clothes are the most common stains, milk stains and other stains slobber, which is the main component of protein, which has two characteristics: one is insoluble in water, it is difficult to wash; two is lighter in color, not easy to be noticed, so easy to cause the illusion has been cleaned. Even if the mother has piercing eye, is also very easy to confuse this kind of camouflage oh! Let’s do a little experiment to see ~ ~ for two pieces of cloth, a piece of clean cloth, the other one is the invisible white milk stains (water washed dry, milk stains not observed). This experiment is called black tea color test, the color of black tea and milk stains in the combination of color and color. There have been collected by hundreds of baby after washing clothes, the color of Black Tea experiment, using Black Tea wash baby clothes after staining, results showed that after 96.2% washing baby clothes remain invisible milk stains. In other words, these clothes are not washed, all washed white! Clothes do not wash the baby clothes do not wash clean the most direct is that it will lead to clothing yellow, not washed after the aging of the stain placed further yellowing, the formation of hard to wash the macula. In addition, they may also harm the baby’s health. Milk stains, water stains in the protein composition contains nitrogen sources, organic carbon sources, these are the nutrients required for microbial growth, and therefore contain milk stains clothes easy to breed mold. And the baby’s skin is very sensitive, Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, chief physician, director of child care director Wu Jieling said that the adult skin protective layer three to five layers, and the protective layer 0-3 baby skin is only one layer, so the baby’s skin resistance is poor, prone to allergies and absorption material. If there are too many bacteria on the surface of the contact, it is easy to cause irritation or disease to the body, such as irritation to skin, inflammation, injury to human lung tissue and respiratory system diseases. See this, some mothers will say: since there will be bacteria on the baby’s clothes, the harm is so great, then I will regularly disinfect clothes.相关的主题文章: