Why your company revenues of over one million dollars, but also can not get financing huangshexiaoshuo

Why your company revenues of over one million dollars, but also can not get financing? Hunting cloud network (micro signal: [ilieyun]) reported in August 31st (compiled: Loci) financing market has been speculation seems to be in full swing, any idea, no matter how far more stupid, all worth the money. However, in this context, some start-up companies are still unable to raise money; no matter how well they run the company, the annual income of millions of dollars have been in sight, but they still can not raise funds. Many start-up companies are faced with such troubles. Business market competition is too fierce, some to the profitability of the company, because the financing made that speech is not very good, always rebuffed financing. In contrast, some of the mediocre performance, but the financing speech special slide show done special Beauty Company, easy to attract investors. If you are in a difficult phase of financing, the following reasons may help you to answer: why can not you attract investors financing speech? You spent $1 million 200 thousand on $1 million of those seemingly very successful startups can not attract funds, often because although they earned $1 million, but in fact they spent $1 million 200 thousand. With the rise of DNVB (Digitally vertical brands native, online native vertical brand) and a high degree of popularity of electricity providers, using VC to subsidize the concept of customers is nothing new. If you do is the electricity supplier business, as soon as the profit is usually the investor’s own requirements, but they will also track your report (cohort) index. At the end of the first subsidy, your customer is lost or returned to order? The average size of the customer order is up or down? Selling your own company is good, but do you have any evidence of organic growth? If you do not have clear data, or can not get the company’s monthly growth rate of the indicators to prove, but the amount of transactions on the site but attract investors. In fact, your revenue did not reach $1 million! Venture capital companies can often profit through content assets or consulting services. This is done to convince investors that their investments will not be in vain. This approach is indeed very wise, but only when the essence of revenue will be reflected in the valuation. If the topic of your VC presentation is a new business model and plans to expand in the future, you’d better discount the value of your current cash flow. This is not because you have no profit at all. On the contrary, the current revenue is very important, it can show your marketing channels, so that investors understand your customers and your company’s ability to create customer needs, which will help you improve the valuation of the company. But the problem is that you can now have $1 million in revenue does not mean that you will also generate a new model of $1 million in revenue in the future. Everything is hard to say. Although you show your determination to give your promise, but you have no.相关的主题文章: