Wireless charging can also speed LG push 15W wireless charging board tencent upd

High speed wireless charging can push LG 15W wireless charging Wireless charging plate is a very cool charging technology, only need to support wireless charging devices can be attached to the wireless charging plate for charge, but the use of wired charging technology can easily realize the fast charging, and wireless charging to achieve fast charge exists some problems, so the charging rate on the market a lot of fast charging plate really flattered, which directly limits the popularization and development of fast charging technology. LG developed in a fast charging power up to 15W LG recently brought an exciting news, the Innoteck innovation department developed a fast charging in a power up to 15W, compared with the usual 5W, the new technology will enhance the charging power of 3 times, charging power can also be with at present, 9V  cable; fast charge comparable to that of 1.5A. LG measured in 30 minutes can be a smart phone charge from about 0 to about 50%, in addition to the process of charging LG protection technology can effectively prevent the battery overheating. Wireless charging is currently a growing market, according to the TSR report, 2015 sales of $553 million, while the forecast is expected to reach 2 billion 200 million in 2019. LG’s high-power charging board will be listed in Australia, Europe and North America in the middle of this month, pricing remains to be confirmed.相关的主题文章: