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Wish to donate and lost   hematopoietic stem cell donation volunteers loss pain – Sichuan channel: people.com.cn original title: Donate regret and lost hematopoietic stem cell donation volunteers how to reduce the pain of loss of hematopoietic stem cell donation volunteers turnover rate, is an important topic — compared to current difficulties in recruiting volunteers, volunteers donate regret and loss is Chinese hematopoietic stem cell donor database management center of Sichuan province (also known as the "Chinese bone marrow Library of Sichuan province") director Liu Li faces more awkward topic. "Nationwide" regrets donation statistics, the results are worrying." Recently, Liu Li said, although our province has been the nation’s wish to donate one of the lowest rates of provinces, but did not dare to have a little bit of slack, will clean up in the volunteers during the year, minimize regret donate or lost the phenomenon of volunteers. – reporter Wu Shi Xiao Hong worry patients wish to donate once will aggravate Liu Li who experienced volunteers donate regret case. In August 25, 2014, it was the age of 4 years of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, but because of voluntary donation, the operation was not implemented. The less than a year old when diagnosed with thalassemia, the first half of 2014, she was in the retrieval of Chinese bone marrow matching success, donors also confirmed that can be transplanted. But when slowly into the laminar flow ward waiting for surgery, but suddenly failed to contact volunteer volunteers, a week later, the phone was connected, volunteers volunteer go back. "Across the country, such cases are not uncommon." Liu Li said that many patients with hematological diseases that can transplant, entered the preparation stage before operation, through a large dose of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other measures, in vivo hematopoietic stem cells to empty. At this time, the volunteers once regret donation, and can not immediately find a new transplant donor, the patient’s condition will be aggravated, and even lose life. The Chinese bone marrow library explicitly informed the risk of donation, but failed to prevent such cases from happening. Discouraging family members and friends is the most important factor for volunteers to donate their regrets. "Before donation, our propaganda work should also be interpreted and communicated to volunteers’ family members and friends." Liu Li said. Liu Li also believes that some incentive policy can make more family support volunteers, "whether some duplicate blood donation preferential policies, such as blood donors can give priority to with blood relatives." Take care of the "seed" reduce the loss rate of volunteers Liu Li often face this problem: the recruitment of volunteers many years ago, leaving the phone and home address has been changed, it’s very hard to have direct contact, many volunteers without hearing a word about. In order to minimize regret donate or volunteer lost phenomenon, library of Sichuan province will be initiated during the year of volunteers to keep the program focus on cleaning up has actually lost volunteers, volunteers to ensure quality. "Every volunteer is not easy to develop. It’s a pity to run away so easily."." Liu Li said that reducing the loss rate will be the focus of their future work. Liu Li and his colleagues have now come up with a solution: they work with communications operators 悔捐和失联 造血干细胞捐献志愿者流失之痛–四川频道–人民网 原标题:悔捐和失联 造血干细胞捐献志愿者流失之痛   如何降低造血干细胞捐献志愿者流失率,是当前的一个重要课题――   相比志愿者招募中的困难,志愿者悔捐和流失是中国造血干细胞捐献者资料库四川省管理中心(亦称“中华骨髓库四川省分库”)主任刘莉面临的更为尴尬的课题。   “在全国范围内有过悔捐的统计,结果令人担忧。”近日,刘莉透露,我省虽然一直是全国悔捐率最低的省份之一,但不敢有一点点松懈,将于年内对已有的捐献志愿者进行清理,尽量减少悔捐或志愿者失联的现象。   □本报记者 吴忧 石小宏   一旦悔捐 患者的病情将加重   刘莉曾亲历过志愿者悔捐的案例。   2014年8月25日,本是4岁多的冉冉进行造血干细胞移植的日子,但是因为捐献志愿者悔捐,手术未能实施。   冉冉不满一岁时被确诊患有地中海贫血,2014年上半年,她在中华骨髓库内检索配型成功,捐献志愿者也确认可以进行移植。但当冉冉进入层流病房等待手术,却突然联系不上捐献志愿者了,一周后,电话接通,捐献志愿者反悔了。“在全国范围内,这样的案例并不鲜见。”刘莉说,许多血液病患者在得知可以进行移植手术时,就进入了术前准备阶段,通过大剂量的放疗、化疗等措施,将体内造血干细胞清空。这时,志愿者一旦悔捐,又无法立即找到新的移植供体,患者的病情将加重,甚至失去生命。   中华骨髓库在捐献须知上明确告知了这样的风险,但未能阻止这样的案例一个个发生。   家人、朋友的劝阻,是志愿者悔捐的最主要因素。“在捐献之前,我们的宣教工作也要针对志愿者的家人、朋友进行沟通解释。”刘莉说。   刘莉同时认为,一些激励政策也能让家人更加支持志愿者,“能否复制无偿献血的一些优惠政策,比如献血者直系亲属可以优先用血等。”   呵护“种子”降低志愿者流失率   刘莉常常面临这样的工作难题:多年前招募的志愿者,留下的电话和家庭住址都已变更,想要直接联系上非常困难,许多志愿者杳无音讯。   为了尽量减少悔捐或志愿者失联现象的发生,四川省分库将于年内启动志愿者保留项目,重点清理实际上已经流失了的志愿者,保证志愿者质量。   “每一个志愿者发展起来都不容易,这样轻易地流失非常可惜。”刘莉表示,降低流失率,将是他们未来工作的重心。   刘莉与同事们目前想到了一个办法:他们与通信运营商合作,建立短信群发平台,还分地区建立了入库志愿者微信群,“把工作尽量做到前面,比如平时多提醒他们保重身体,如果更换了手机号码要及时更新,到关键时刻能够与他们迅速取得联系。”   在刘莉看来,除了他们要做好服务工作,还需社会各界提升对志愿者的理解与支持。目前,有的医院不愿意开辟绿色通道,捐献造血干细胞需要排队入院;有的用人单位准假难,志愿者捐献时想请假不容易,捐献后想休息更不易。“每一位捐献者及捐献志愿者都是一粒‘种子’,如果呵护好他们,更多的血液病患者就有了生的希望。”刘莉充满期盼。 (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: