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With simple "frigidity" new watch the world you know: the lead to the end of the year, individual watch brand more at this time introduced some new, for everyone to see a year of efforts this year or next year there will be some small surprises. Some of the new and recently released, there are many simple "frigidity" wind, from these tables, you read the small "brains" of them? Tiger Ho Jaca Leila Mikrograph TAG chronograph Heuer tiger Yakalaila Mikrograph 1916-2016 Centennial Edition luxury watch limited edition of 100, the case can provide the table bracket can be fixed to the dashboard above: not only can match on the wrist, but also can be used as a timing instrument. Integration of innovative science and technology in 20s and the timing of the classic design. At the 12 o’clock position hemispherical big crown, the iconic "mushroom" button to reproduce the early TAG Heuer timer. White dial, black printing and digital scales, retro, TAG Heuer logo Swiss made words and other elements are faithfully engraved the original version. The arrow shaped tip and teardrop shaped tip timing pointer timer blue steel pointer, the minute hand enhance the readability of. Round the clock and the minute hand is "a roar of the 20s" classic style. All the details to ensure the unity of the overall style, but also highlights the unique charm of the ancient. Hublot Big Bang Panther Tiger Fund Limited Edition Hublot Big Bang Panther Tiger Fund Limited Edition watch Top Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot announced in Mexico City and is committed to the protection of endangered species of the earth life Panther Tiger Fund (Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation) officially reached a cooperation with Hublot classic style Big Bang for the creation of tone, especially present three Big Bang Panther Tiger Fund Limited edition. Dial painted with the "tiger" pattern and "tiger" embossed bezel pavilions, generous concise and stylish taste. At the same time the black collocation of natural rubber watchband engraved with tiger lines, the Tiger King wind fan Chang is most incisive. Yakedeluo jade 35 mm when small dial yakedeluo jade 35 mm when small needle disc and stagnant expanse of the earth contains a flashing glare of the treasure. All kinds of rocks, minerals and barite reminds us that nature is really an artist Art beats nature. These bring us a unique feel and find everything fresh and new in the depths of the earth always treasure. The ore materials of every hue inspire unlimited inspiration yakedeluo. Yakedeluo ore capture brilliant natural splendor, to make it into a unique craft handed down the dial. Yakedeluo Art Workshop masters changed the material rough primitive state, based on the ore natural unique color and luster, give them a new texture, make it beyond the material, showing the immortal beauty. Radar table True series N25E121 really watch RADO Rado True series N.相关的主题文章: