Xi’an police teach you distinguish true and false wanted, beware of fraud homefront

Xi’an police teach you to distinguish between true and false "warrant" to guard against fraud before, who lives in Xi’an, Ms. Guan Miao village party received a phone telephone fraud, allegedly illegal money laundering, she sent a swindler to posted a photo on the seal of Procuratorate warrant". Fortunately, the police arrived in time, so that the party lady to avoid being deceived (see the newspaper in August 31st A7 version). So, how to identify false "arrest order", to avoid being fooled? Yesterday, Xi’an police told the public through the official micro-blog, false "arrest order" in the end where false. The first thing to tell you is, what is the wanted order? If the criminal suspect is at large, the public security organ may issue arrest warrant and chase him to justice (123rd article of the code of criminal procedure). The Ministry of public security of the warrant, only through the internal network, to the number of file form issued to the national police investigation, generally not open to the public, only the higher level (A B) will be released to the public through the media, the public, only the name, photo, age, physical characteristics etc.. The warrant level is only within public recognition, so generally use the "reward" "xiechatongbao" names such as printed and posted, will not open. So, like the experience of the party lady, can the procuratorate issue the arrest warrant? Sure! The people’s Procuratorate cases directly accepted, the suspect should be arrested and escaped, can make a decision ("wanted by the people’s Procuratorate criminal litigation rules", 216th). But the main procuratorate accepted a crime of corruption and bribery cases, the national staff of dereliction of duty cases and the staff of state organs to implement the terms of use of the infringement of citizens’ personal rights and democratic rights in criminal cases. Police remind, as long as the following 3 points, we can distinguish between true and false warrant: in general, the false "warrant" inscribed with the so-called authorities issued a document does not match, and the font does not conform to the national authorities document font requirements, and even the use of unusual fonts. The second feature is that the false "wanted order" repeatedly mentioned in the article that this is a secret document, but told the news to the parties, this is leaking secrets! There is general warrant have hotlines, at the same time, the rise of stamp, watermark will be unified, file number has fixed format, which is false "warrant" not available. Reporter Fan Weimin Ge Lan (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily)

西安民警教你辨真假“通缉令”谨防诈骗日前,家住西安关庙村的党女士接到一通诈骗电话,称其涉嫌非法洗钱,骗子还向她发来了贴有照片盖有印章的检察院“通缉令”。幸亏民警及时赶到,才使党女士避免上当受骗(详见本报8月31日A7版)。那么,如何识别假“通缉令”,避免上当呢?昨天,西安警方通过官方微博告诉市民,假“通缉令”到底假在哪。 首先得告诉大家,什么是通缉令?“犯罪嫌疑人如果犯罪且在逃,公安机关可以发布通缉令,追捕其归案”(《刑事诉讼法》第一百二十三条)。公安部的通缉令,只通过内部网络,以编号文件形式发布给全国警方协查,一般不会对外公开,只有较高级别的(A B级)才会通过媒体向社会发布,公开的内容,仅限于姓名、照片、年龄、体貌特征等。由于通缉令级别仅为公安内部识别,所以一般采用《悬赏通告》《协查通报》等名称印制和张贴,是一定不会公开的。那么像党女士的遭遇,检察院可以发布通缉令吗?可以!人民检察院直接受理的案件,嫌疑人应当逮捕且在逃,可以作出通缉的决定(《人民检察院刑事诉讼规则》第二百一十六条)。但检察院主要受理的是贪污受贿犯罪案件、国家工作人员的渎职案件以及国家机关工作人员利用职权实施的侵犯公民人身权利和民主权利的犯罪案件。 警方提醒,只要掌握以下3点,就可辨别真假通缉令:一般来说,假“通缉令”的落款与所谓的发文机关不符,且字体不符合国家公文机关的字体要求,甚至使用不常见的字体。第二个特点是,假“通缉令”在文中多次提及这是秘密文件,却将消息告诉了当事人,这是在泄露机密!还有就是,一般的通缉令都有举报电话,同时抬头、图章、水印都会相统一,文件编号也有固定格式,而这些是假“通缉令”所不具备的。 本报记者范为民葛兰(三秦都市报)相关的主题文章: