Zengcheng man was born 46 days of baby neck pinch hijacked asked the police to send it to Huizhou winsockfix

Zengcheng man was born 46 days of baby neck pinch hijacked asked the police to send it to the Huizhou Zengcheng daily information times (reporter Chen Zidie) the day before yesterday afternoon, in Zengcheng Xiaolou Town, the terrifying scene, a man holding a young baby, grabbed the baby’s neck, and police confrontation scene very nervous. Thanks to the many enthusiastic passers-by to help the police and rescue, and ultimately change danger into safety. At present, the police are further investigating the motive of the man. The man took the baby Wang from Grandma’s hands, the day before yesterday about 2:45 in the afternoon, he and his companions riding a motorcycle after building the town of Zengcheng district farming Liao Road, found a pull in the road. Mr. Wang felt that it wasn’t like a family dispute. He turned around to see what happened. Mr. Wang, the Zengcheng daily, said that when the aunt was holding the man’s clothes tightly, he was scared and could not speak. He just kept crying. Seeing that the man was about to leave, Mr. Wang and his companion immediately stopped the motorcycle on the road and stopped the man. At this time, another passerby Wang drove through, see the situation, also quickly get off to help. "See the man away, says he wants to strangle the baby." Mr. Wang said, seeing the man grabbed the baby’s neck, they dare not move, immediately call the police, this was just a passing police car, seven or eight police surrounded the man to get off. Reporters from the video provided by witnesses saw a man holding a baby, squatting on the roadside, was the man grabbed the baby’s neck, the face is red, one side is surrounded by several police officers. After more than an hour of stalemate, the man was finally subdued by the police, and the baby was also successfully rescued. According to eyewitnesses, the man was tall and had a foreign accent. Why on earth did he snatch the baby? Some people suspect that men are gang trafficking, and then there is a van parked nearby. One family lived near the baby was robbed of the east border village, reporters found the family, the child’s grandmother Zhou aunt told reporters that she was a man holding a child outside the shop, ready to feed her milk, suddenly a man just robbed the baby. Zhou aunt said, although she has been holding the man’s clothes, but if she alone a person, certainly can not get back the child, "granddaughter was born just 46 days, there is no big deal", Zhou aunt said, thanks to the many enthusiastic people to help the police and rescue, to change danger into safety. Police: the motive is investigating, yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Zengcheng police, 21 14:50 Xu, after receiving the alarm, Zengcheng police immediately arrange police presence disposal. Police arrived at the scene found that a man about 40 years old unarmed hijacked a baby, the man asked the police to send himself to Huizhou, Boluo county. On the spot, the police disperse their attention through dialogue with the suspects, and control them safely when they relax their vigilance, so as to rescue the abducted babies safely. After preliminary investigation, the man suspected in a 41 year old, Chongqing city. At present, the police are further investigating the motive of the crime.

男子增城掐脖劫持出生46天婴儿 要求警察送其到惠州 图 增城日报   信息时报讯(记者 陈子垤)前日下午,在增城小楼镇,发生了令人心惊的一幕,一名男子抱着一个年幼的婴儿,手掐住婴儿的脖子,和警方对峙,场面非常紧张。多亏了很多热心路人帮忙和警察的救援,最终化险为夷。目前,警方正对该男子作案动机等作进一步调查。   男子从奶奶手中夺走婴儿   据目击者王先生介绍,前日下午2时45分左右,他和同伴骑着摩托车刚过增城区小楼镇耕尞路时,就发现路上有人在拉扯。王先生觉得看着不像家庭纠纷,马上掉头回去看看发生什么事情。 图 增城日报   王先生说,当时那位阿姨紧紧拉着抱小孩的男子衣服,被吓得说不出话,只是不停哭。眼见男子就要离开,王先生和同伴马上将摩托车横在路中,拦住男子。这时,另一名路人小王开车经过,见到眼前的情况也赶紧下车帮忙。“那个男的见走不了,竟然说要掐死那个婴儿。”王先生说,眼见男子掐住婴儿的脖子,大家都不敢乱动,马上打电话报警,这时刚好一辆警车路过,有七八名警察下车围住男子。记者从目击者提供的视频看到,一名男子抱着个婴儿蹲在路边,婴儿的脖子被男子掐住,脸都红了,一旁则围着好几名警察。   僵持了一个多小时之后,男子终于被民警制服,婴儿也被成功救下。据目击者所说,该男子身形高大,外地口音。究竟他为什么要抢夺婴儿呢?有人就怀疑男子是拐卖儿童的团伙,当时还有一部面包车停在附近。   被抢婴儿的一家人住在附近的东境村,记者辗转找到这家人,孩子的奶奶周阿姨告诉记者,当时她一个人抱着孩子在店铺外面,正准备给她喂牛奶,突然来了一个人直接就将婴儿抢走了。周阿姨说,虽然她一直紧紧拉着男子的衣服,但如果仅凭她一个人,肯定无法抢回孩子,“孙女出生才46天,目前并无大碍”,周阿姨说,多亏了很多热心人帮忙和警察的救援,才化险为夷。   警方:作案动机正在调查   昨日下午,记者从增城警方获悉,21日14:50许,接到报警后,增城警方立即安排警力到场处置。民警到场后发现一名年约40岁的男子徒手劫持了一名婴儿,该男子要求民警将自己送到惠州市博罗县。   现场民警通过与嫌疑人对话分散其注意力,趁其放松警惕时将其控制,安全解救出被劫持的婴儿。经初步调查,该名嫌疑男子简某今年41岁,是重庆市人。目前,警方正对其作案动机等作进一步调查。相关的主题文章: