Zhan Tianyou Shuangseqiu 16118 distribution one zone heat enhancement x3210

Zhan Tianyou Shuangseqiu 16118 distribution: one zone heat enhancement Shuangseqiu network]16118 Zhan Tianyou [CLS Shuangseqiu distribution analysis comment area three key numbers on a number of hot and cold tail area rises, the number of intervals may be in constant       L, this number not heat among them, to prevent ascending, the weight of a region may be back to temperature, this number is likely to once again in a constant                         constant; rise, heavy surrounding hot code continuous temperature rise, this ball is very this number may rise, not heat again, to prevent the constant       two liters, weight around the code to prevent the heat continues to heat up, this heat in constant         constant;     L, two district Redubujian, and surrounding the hot code of constant temperature, prevent a constant                         constant; rise, heavy surrounding hot code continues to heat up, prevent the rise this number, after a period of time in the heat again, probably in a constant         three constant                       L, three recent temperature reduction this number, ball in the surrounding hot code driven again in constant             high rise, prevent heavy covering, this number may be a constant   in the surrounding ball under the extrusion;       & nbsp;   constant; lift, weight; This number is not heat, prevent the basic number of recommended recommended 0103040910121520 red 21273033 basketball recommended 02101415 note: "red" hot and cold state temperature, "blue" said cooling, "white" said constant. "," said the mantissa will likely mantissa, "delta" that will be the next;相关的主题文章: